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At Autism Gifted Hands we specialize in sensory play activity to reduce sensory overload. Sensory play is important for Autistic children to learn how their bodies work. By creating an appropriate sensory programme (messy play, squeeze, soft toys, attention Autism, sensory circuit, sensory stories, etc.) you can reduce fears, confusion and distress and provide long term change for Children with Autism.
Sensory activities are those that stimulate the 5 senses – touch, smell, sight, taste, and sound – as well as the vestibular (responsible for our sense of balance) and proprioceptive (keeps track of and controls the different parts of our bodies) systems.
Our five senses are critical to our lives, helping guide us through everything from the daily tasks of walking, talking and eating to the more complex functions like creative and artistic projects, playing sports and critical thinking.
By stimulating the senses through what’s called Sensory Play or Sensory Activity, we can help develop our children’s creativity while also encouraging social, emotional, cognitive, physical, and linguistic development. Sensory play also helps strengthen the brain’s neural pathways and connections which lead to greater learning potential.
Children on the autism spectrum, however, often have difficulty with everyday sensory stimulation, and this inability to cope with the world around them can make day-to-day experiences feel overwhelming and make it difficult for them to learn and carry out basic daily functions.
Fortunately, there are many sensory activities for autistic children that can help change the way the brain reacts to touch, sound, sight, and movement. Engaging in sensory play is a fun way for kids on the autism spectrum to stimulate their brains so they can become better learners, benefit from a longer attention span, and learn how to communicate with their peers.